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AZ Schools Now Calls on State Lawmakers to Get Real on K-12 Public School Funding

Children’s Action Alliance is proud to be part of AZ Schools Now – a coalition of parents, teachers, and champions for public education. Today, we put out a call to Governor Doug Ducey and the state legislature to make substantial reinvestments in K-12 public schools this year to increase teacher pay and student support. We presented a menu of investment tools the legislature could use to generate hundreds of millions of dollars for public schools.

Right now, K-12 classrooms remain $1.1 BILLION below 2008 funding levels (see the attached chart), which has resulted in a serious teacher shortage; meanwhile, students are being forced to learn from outdated textbooks and technology in overcrowded classrooms, and in many cases, dysfunctional facilities.

Arizonans consistently name public education a top priority and expect large, sustainable reinvestments that are permanent and equitable, not funding gimmicks or a reshuffling of the deck with current dollars. Public schools need reliable and sustainable sources of revenue.

Click here to see our one pager of recommendations to fund K-12 education.


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