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A grandmother’s love…

Posted December 28, 2013 to Blog, enews, Grandfamilies, Grandfamilies | Comments (0)

A grandmother’s love is special. A grandfather’s kindness is a blessing. But sometimes, when parents are unable or unwilling to raise their children, a grandparent’s care is truly lifesaving.

laura jasso screen captureThousands of Arizona grandparents have stepped up to the task of raising their grandchildren, often when they are in their retirement years on a limited income. They do the best they can with limited resources and lots of love.

In 2013, one of CAA’s legislative accomplishments was the passage of $1 million in new state funds approved for monthly stipends for grandparents who are raising their grandchildren so they can afford school supplies and other necessities. This happened because, with CAA’s help, hundreds of grandfamilies spoke up to Governor Brewer and their legislators.

Today I’m sharing with you Laura’s story that shows some of the joys and challenges of raising grandchildren, and why CAA’s work with grandfamilies is so important.

Your donation today will help continue that work and will give grandfamilies a stronger voice at the legislature so we can build on our success.

Thank You.

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