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Affordable Care Act and Arizona Kids

aca and az childrenThe first open enrollment for the Affordable Care Act ended on March 31, 2014 with a strong showing. Nationally, 8.1 million people signed up for a health plan through the Marketplace. Across Arizona, community Navigators and Assisters worked long hours in the final weeks without turning anyone away and the results reflected their efforts. In Arizona, 120,000 people signed up for Marketplace plans and an additional 99,000 people signed up for Medicaid. Of the 120,000 people in Arizona signed up for a Marketplace plan, 26,000 or 21% were kids under 18. Click here to find detailed information on Arizona’s Marketplace results.

Those who have missed the open enrollment period, may still qualify for affordable coverage. Navigator and Assisters continue to help consumers who are experiencing special circumstances enroll and AHCCCS enrollment remains open all year. For the Marketplace, special situations such as divorce, job loss, or loss of health insurance, may qualify people to sign up for a Marketplace plan despite the end of open enrollment. Despite the deadline for the Marketplace, families are also encouraged to meet with a local assister to see whether they qualify for AHCCCS. The 211 hotline will continue to operate and refer consumers to agencies that can help with both Marketplace and AHCCCS.

We are pleased with the strong turnout for health coverage this year, but there remains more work ahead given that over 215,000 children in Arizona were uninsured in 2012. We need your help to get the word out. In the coming months and during the next open enrollment period, Children’s Action Alliance will be conducting presentations in the community to raise awareness, educate, and link consumers to affordable health coverage. If you know of groups that are interested in this free service to inform people about the Marketplace and AHCCCS, please email us at

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