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Alarming Rate of Parents Not Immunizing their Children

Posted August 6, 2014 to Blog, enews, Health, Home Page Most Recent | Comments (0)

Health Manual 2014 English for print, reduced sizeMany families are busy with back to school activities this month and one of those activities should be updating immunizations to keep kids healthy. Unfortunately, more and more parents are saying no to this basic health care step. Recently, the Arizona Republic reported on the alarming trend in Arizona: Exemption rates for immunizations for Kindergartners and sixth grade students have nearly tripled in the past ten years.

Parents should know that vaccinations are both safe and critical for the development of healthy children. Exemptions raise the risk of any child acquiring a transmissible disease. Moreover, purposely skipping immunizations poses a broader risk to the community by raising the possibility of an outbreak.

See the full article here.

National Immunization Awareness month is the perfect time to make sure children are up to date on vaccines. It’s important to get answers from an expert – your child’s doctor, local or state public health department. Visit to learn about vaccine preventable diseases and get information about immunization schedules and where to go to get them.

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