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Amnesty International Reports Harmful Prison Conditions in Arizona

A just released report from Amnesty International (AI) reveals the “Cruel Isolation” practices for the youth prosecuted as adults and sentenced to adult prison. Amnesty’s report found that 14 children, ages 14 to 17, had been held in maximum custody at the Rincon unit in the Tucson state adult prison. Maximum custody refers to extreme conditions where the youth were required to remain in their cells 22 to 24 hours a day, had their exercise limited to the confines of a small cage and no recreational activities. The report cites studies that children and adolescents are less equipped to tolerate the effects of this isolation and recommends that Arizona should “Introduce a policy to prohibit solitary confinement in the case of the prisoners under 18 and ensure that all youth offenders are provided with appropriate educational, recreational and rehabilitation programs as required under international standards.”

Read the report, Cruel Isolation – Amnesty International’s Concerns about conditions in Arizona Maximum Security Prisons.

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