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Ask the Gubernatorial Candidates a Question

Posted September 9, 2014 to Blog, Elections, enews | * Comments (1)

PE0004Tomorrow Arizona’s candidates for Governor, Doug Ducey (R) and Fred DuVal (D), square off in a debate focused on a topic important to the well-being of every child: the economy.

The debate, sponsored by SRP, Arizona State University, Chandler Chamber of Commerce and East Valley Partnership will be live on TV on 12 News at 6 p.m. for those in the Phoenix area and will be live streamed on for everyone else.

You can also participate in the debate by asking questions of the candidates on twitter with the hashtag #azgov. This is a perfect time to ask the candidates how they plan to help children succeed in school, a matter very important to the future success of Arizona’s economy.

One Response to “Ask the Gubernatorial Candidates a Question”

  1. Karen Syversen says:

    Doug Ducey,
    I am an Arizona teacher of 44 years. I am thoroughly enjoying teaching the common core ELA standards in my reading classes. The students are loving the standards as well. Many students say…..”These make me think!!
    Since you say you will get rid of these standards, please give me the third grade literature AND information standards and tell me why our students should not be learning these? In other words, I want you to prove you know what these standards are. They came from the state governors, NOT the federal government, by the way.
    You stated you want a common sense approach to education. Could you please outline for me what standards will be taught and what test will be used to assess what is taught?

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