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Ask Your Congressperson to End the Shutdown Today!

Posted October 8, 2013 to Action Alerts, Blog, enews, Federal Budget | Comments (0)

The federal government shutdown doesn’t help anyone.

It certainly doesn’t help grow our economy. An economy that already faces significant headwinds from the slow economic recovery and the damage caused by the sequester.

It certainly doesn’t help local communities, or the tourism industry, or the federal employees and their families who are going without paychecks. It certainly doesn’t help struggling parents who need affordable child care or cash assistance to pay for rent and gas.

House Speaker John Boehner says that the House will not pass a continuing resolution to end the federal shutdown without tying the basic operations of government to the demands of some members of his caucus for ending or delaying Obamacare or for major fiscal changes to Social Security and Medicare. Arizona Congresspeople Barber, Franks, Gosar, Salmon, Sinema and Schweikert have all voted for continuing resolutions with stipulations.

The Senate has already passed a continuing resolution that would re-open government for a number of weeks with significant cuts to federal spending without any other provisions attached to it.

Please take a moment today and ask your Representative to pass the Senate continuing resolution and open government back up today! It makes no sense to hurt Arizona’s economy and families while they stand in a stalemate over other issues.

This alert is for those people who live in Congressional Districts 2, 4, 5, 6, 8 or 9 and are represented in Congress by Rep. Ron Barber, Rep. Trent Franks, Rep. Paul Gosar, Rep. Matt Salmon, Rep. Kyrsten Sinema or Rep. David Schweikert. If you’re not sure which Congressional District you live in click here.

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