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Avoid the Tax Day Blues

In the last minute rush to file state and federal income taxes, Arizonans may want to consider the return on investment we get for our tax dollars. 

iStock_000015988189Small ovalOur tax dollars educate more than 1 million Arizona children annually. Tax dollars support public education. More than two of every five state general-fund dollars are invested in K-12 education. Tax dollars pay teachers’ salaries, provide textbooks and computers, and build and maintain schools.

State tax dollars provide health insurance for over 1 million Arizona children and adults. Arizona voters repeatedly confirm health care as a top priority.

Our tax dollars help keep us safe. Tax dollars are used to help keep our water safer to drink and our air safer to breathe and to monitor the safety of our food.  Tax dollars are used to pay health inspectors to monitor the safety of restaurants, child care centers and nursing homes. Tax dollars are also how we pay police officers, firefighters and soldiers.

State tax dollars protect children from abuse and neglect. Our state tax dollars pay for child abuse prevention programs, child protective service staff to investigate reports of abuse or neglect, foster parents who care for children when their own parents aren’t up to the job, and services to help families get back on-track.

Click here for more information about Arizona’s individual income taxes.

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