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CAA Responds to Legislators’ Criticism of Rise in AHCCCS-Covered Births

Posted September 26, 2012 to Blog, CAA in the News, enews, Health, Health Media | Comments (0)

Dana Wolfe Naimark, CAA President and CEO, responded this week to some legislators’ criticisms of a reported increase in the number of births covered by AHCCCS. (State pays for 53% of Births, Arizona Republic, September 23, 2012)

“Some legislators sure don’t know a good news story when they hear one! Arizona scores a win     for taxpayers and for families with low-cost AHCCCS health coverage available for prenatal care, and labor and delivery care for parents who don’t have private health insurance. All Arizonans want babies to be born healthy and to get off to a good start in life. That’s exactly what AHCCCS coverage offers with high quality care from private doctors in private health plans. The number of babies paid for by AHCCCS has been dropping every year since 2007 as parents hold off on having children due to the economy. But it’s a good thing AHCCCS is there, since private health coverage has been falling. Thanks to AHCCCS, Arizona saves millions of dollars in trauma and emergency room care as well as long-term health expenses for problems that could have been prevented.”

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