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Keep Up the Momentum: NO ACA Repeal Without Immediate Replacement

Congress is moving fast on repealing the Affordable Care Act (ACA), even though they have yet to introduce a viable replacement plan that doesn’t threaten health coverage for more than 30 million Americans. While in the dark of last night the Senate voted to repeal the ACA, the vote was preliminary and procedural in nature and DOES NOT dismantle the health care law. Read more

Take Action: Tell Senators McCain and Flake to Vote NO on Repealing Health Care Law Without Simultaneous Replacement Plan

Congress is rushing to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA) with no guarantee that people in Arizona will have protections for pre-existing conditions or access to quality, affordable health insurance. This would leave children, seniors and people with disabilities at risk, knowing that they may have to stop critical treatments such as cancer care and prescription drugs. Read more

Your Help is Needed: Tell Gov. Ducey You Want Him to #UnfreezeKidsCare

Arizona children need your voice. Please take a moment to call Governor Ducey at 602-542-4331 or email him with this link to ask him to #UnfreezeKidsCare. Thank you for your support. Read more

Urge Your State Representatives to Vote NO on School Vouchers

We need your help, and we need it immediately. On Wednesday, Feb. 24, the state House will vote on the expansion of Empowerment Scholarship Accounts (ESA), HB 2482. These ESAs are vouchers that give parents a debit card with money they can spend on tutoring, private school, home school, or anything they say is for their child’s education. Read more

Join Us This Saturday, Feb. 20 to Help Build a Better Budget for Kids

One month ago, Governor Ducey released his budget proposal. In the big picture, the budget leaves Arizona stuck in neutral without improving children’s health, education, or security.  Lawmakers have already begun their closed door negotiations.  While the opportunity for public input is limited, it’s up to us to tell our leaders to build a better budget for children and families before the votes are counted.   Read more

Your Voice is Being Heard at the Legislature

Dear Friends, Thanks to your support, four bills that will improve children’s health, education and security have moved forward this week! President and CEO Dana Wolfe Naimark testifies in support of lifting the freeze on KidsCare at the state legislature on Feb. 9. Our community showed strong and unified support for lifting the temporary freeze on KidsCare.   Read more

We Need You to Reach Out to State Lawmakers on KidsCare

Your voice is needed at the legislature to help to get health coverage for Arizona kids. Right now, 160,000 Arizona children, many of whom are from working poor families, do not have health insurance and do not have access to affordable coverage options. On Tuesday, February 9th at 2pm, the Health Committee in the House will be hearing HB 2309, geared toward lifting the enrollment freeze on Arizona’s KidsCare and providing access to health care for thousands of Arizona children. Read more


The legislative session is over, but we can’t let the grassroots protests about the bad budget decisions disappear. Write a short message to Governor Ducey today and join other Arizonans like you who want a better state budget for a brighter Arizona future.

Tell USDA You Want the Best Nutrition for Children in Child Care and Afterschool Programs

Posted April 14, 2015 to Action Alerts, Blog, Early Childhood | Comments (0)
The Child and Adult Care Food Program is a major source of support for children enrolled in child care, Head Start, and after school programs. It ensures that over 3.5 million children have access to nutritious meals and snack. We are excited that in January USDA proposed healthier meal standards for the federal food programs serving child care and afterschool programs. Read more

Thank your Congressperson for voting for kids’ healthcare

Last Thursday, the US House of Representatives voted overwhelmingly to extend the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP). The passage of this bill will extend federal funding for health insurance coverage and provide health programs for millions of children.