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What is in Governor Ducey’s Budget for Education and Families?

Comparing what Governor Ducey proposed in his State of the State to his budget released this month, we’ve analyzed the proposals and put the important issues into a one page infographic. You’ll see that his BIG goals do not match up with the small investments. Read more

New Study Finds Investment in Public K-12 Education Continues to Drop

Arizona is among five of the eight states with the biggest cuts to public education since 2008 that have also cut income taxes during that time period, according to an updated report released by the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities. Per student state dollars, adjusted for inflation, for Arizona’s K-12 funding formula is 12.8% lower in fiscal year 2017 than in fiscal year 2008. Read more

New Report Concludes Private School Tax Credits Undermine Public Schools

In its just-released report “State Tax Subsidies for Private K-12 Education,” the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy (ITEP) shows that private school tax subsidies, including Arizona’s four tax credits for private school tuition scholarships, are undermining states’ ability to maintain a high-quality public education system. After studying the 20 states that have some type of private education tax subsidy, ITEP has concluded that the subsidies lack budgetary oversight and divert revenue needed to support public schools. Read more

Fiscal Year 2017 Budget Leaves Arizona Stuck in Neutral

Yesterday, Governor Ducey signed the new state budget. It pretty much leaves Arizona stuck in neutral.  It does not rebuild any of the major pieces of the budget that were destroyed during the Great Recession. For K-12 education, it delays new cuts but has no new investments in sustaining teachers or repairing crumbling school facilities or updating classroom textbooks or technology. Read more

What You Need to Know About the State Budget

We continue to await detailed proposals from both chambers of the legislature, as negotiating the FY 2017 budget once again goes on behind closed doors. From the numbers we have seen so far, the proposals from Senate president Biggs and House Speaker Gowan include reduced funding for public schools and a yet-to-be-named PERMANENT tax cut of $30 million, funds that are desperately needed for districts struggling to keep experienced teachers and classrooms using outdated technology and texbooks. Read more

March Legislative Update: Good Bills, Bad Bills and Where They Stand

It is more than two months into the Arizona legislative session and we have seen a variety of measures that are good for our state’s children, as well as those that are outright dangerous.The committee process is over, but bills are still being heard by the full House and full Senate. Read more

Arizona Needs a Time Out From Tax Cuts and Tax Credits

Governor Ducey and many state legislators proclaim that structural balance is their top budget priority. They say ongoing state spending must be contained to levels below ongoing state revenues. But they keep cutting state revenues, making structural balance harder and harder to reach. To promote structural balance along with state priorities for children’s health, education and security, Children’s Action Alliance opposes any new tax cut or new or expanded tax credits this year. Read more

Join Us This Saturday, Feb. 20 to Help Build a Better Budget for Kids

One month ago, Governor Ducey released his budget proposal. In the big picture, the budget leaves Arizona stuck in neutral without improving children’s health, education, or security.  Lawmakers have already begun their closed door negotiations.  While the opportunity for public input is limited, it’s up to us to tell our leaders to build a better budget for children and families before the votes are counted.   Read more

Save the Date – State Budget Town Hall Meetings

SAVE THE DATE Arizona State Budget Town Hall Meetings State legislators have already begun negotiating the next fiscal year’s budget, and we need your involvement to tell our leaders to build a better budget for children and families before the votes are counted.  Be part of the Build a Better Budget campaign with Children’s Action Alliance, members of the community, parents, grandparents and others statewide to show your support for Arizona kids. Read more

Children’s Action Alliance Priority Bills for the 2016 Legislative Session

February 2, 2016 We have the latest news on proposed bills that will build children’s health, education and security, as well as bad ideas that will make it harder for children and families to succeed. Stay tuned for updates on committee assignments and hearings and how you can weigh in. Good for Kids HB 2309 and SB 1385:  Reinstating KidsCare Sponsors:  Rep. Read more