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A Spot of Good News: The Number of Kids in Foster Care is Dropping

Some good news from the Department of Child Safety (DCS): The number of children in foster care has been declining with children moving to permanent homes from foster care and fewer children entering care. As of December 2016, there were 17,149 children in foster care down from a high of 19,044 in February. Read more

Trends in Child Safety

Arizonans remain on red alert about our responsibility to protect children from abuse and neglect as we hear about horrible cases of parents killing children, children suddenly removed from group homes due to safety concerns, and a judge holding the Department of Child Safety in contempt of court due to a lack of timely services to families.All of these conditions demand attention and action. Read more

Please Urge the Senate to Vote Yes for Foster Care Prevention Services

Arizona has nearly 19,000 children in foster care, one of the highest rates in the country. Even when placed in good homes, foster care can be traumatic for children, and families who are at risk can benefit greatly from preventive services designed to keep kids out of the child welfare system. Read more

Dept. of Child Safety Data Show Stress on Families and the Agency

The number of children in Arizona’s foster care system has reached an all-time high while the number of staff available to work with them continues to drop. As of February 2016, the number of children in foster care reached 19,044. Of these, 2,753 children were living in congregate care (primarily shelters and group homes) due to the lack of family foster homes. Read more

New Data Shows Foster Care Children Lag Behind Peers in Academic Success

A newly released study finds Arizona students in foster care fare worse academically than their peers, even those who are considered to be at risk because of other factors,  such as poverty, language barriers and learning disabilities. The report, Arizona’s Invisible Achievement Gap, highlights a critical issue affecting foster children: disruptions have a devastating impact not only in their family lives, but also on educational progress that can affect them through adulthood. Read more

Annual Child Fatality Review Finds Fewer Deaths, But More Resources Needed

The Arizona Department of Health Services’ Child Fatality Review Team recently released its annual review of child deaths in the state, indicating that while the overall mortality rate in 2014 had dropped from the previous year, there are still too many Arizona children whose lives could have been saved. In total, 834 Arizona children died last year, most of natural causes (disease, prematurity, etc.).   Read more

A Look at the Department of Child Safety’s Budget Request for the Upcoming Year

The Department of Child Safety (DCS) recently submitted its funding request for fiscal year 2017, asking for a 21% increase of $105.9 million in appropriated funds (including the state general fund, federal TANF block grant and federal child care funds).  DCS requests that $65.5 million of this increase begins during the current fiscal year with a supplemental appropriation to address system deficits. Read more

Essential DCS Charts and Graphs

The Child Protective Services (CPS) program provides dozens of data indicators related to the reports of abuse or neglect it receives and the children and families who receive some kind of service from CPS. Here at Children's Action Alliance, we frequently go over the data available to us and the general public and try to make sense of it all and what it means to the children and families of Arizona.

State Has Real Opportunity to Fix DCS

After new laws and funding for additional staff, none of the measures of success for the Department of Child Safety (DCS) look better today than they did last June when the agency was created.

New Report on DCS

Last week the Arizona Auditor General released an independent review of the Department of Child Safety conducted by The Chapin Hall Center for Children at the University of Chicago.