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CAA Responds to Legislators’ Criticism of Rise in AHCCCS-Covered Births

Posted September 26, 2012 to Blog, CAA in the News, enews, Health, Health Media | Comments (0)
Dana Wolfe Naimark, CAA President and CEO, responded this week to some legislators’ criticisms of a reported increase in the number of births covered by AHCCCS. (State pays for 53% of Births, Arizona Republic, September 23, 2012) “Some legislators sure don’t know a good news story when they hear one! Arizona scores a win     for taxpayers and for families with low-cost AHCCCS health coverage available for prenatal care, and labor and delivery care for parents who don’t have private health insurance. Read more

Arizona Leaders Launch Campaign to Promote KidsCare II

Posted August 8, 2012 to Blog, Health, Health Media, News, News Releases | Comments (0)
Contact: Matt Jewett, Director, Health PolicyChildren’s Action Alliance, 602-266-0707, ext. 212 Download PDF Version New Applications Accepted for First Time in Two and a Half Years (Phoenix, Arizona) Arizona children are heading off to child care, preschool and elementary school with their backpacks, binders and books. As they get kids ready for the new school year, parents also have the opportunity to enroll their children in affordable health coverage, called Kids Care II.  Read more

CAA Supports Legislation Making It Easier For Schools To Open Playgrounds To Community

Posted January 11, 2012 to Blog, enews, Health, State Legislative Update | Comments (0)
Childhood obesity has tripled in the US since in the last 30 years, with Arizona seeing the biggest increase in childhood obesity of any state in recent years. Physical activity is key to children being healthy, yet many Arizona children do not have playgrounds in their neighborhoods. However, nearly all neighborhoods have schools with playgrounds, which are all too often locked up during non-school hours.