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Report: Juvenile Justice in Arizona: The Fiscal Foundations of Effective Policy

This report was released in January of 2016 at a community event to discuss where Arizona stands on juvenile justice policies that make sense. Issued by Children’s Action Alliance and The Morrison Institute for Public Policy at Arizona State University, the report is available here.  Read more

New Study Finds Parents’ Incarceration Has Major Impact on Kids

The country’s “tough on crime” policies, with harsher prison sentences for offenders, have had a big impact on American families, including more than five million children whose parents are incarcerated. As a result of their parents’ absence, these kids are more likely to experience poverty, homelessness, hunger and emotional distress. These effects can be lasting, even lifelong. Read more

A Successful Juvenile Justice and Fiscal Policy Event

Our forum on juvenile justice and fiscal policy was an overwhelming success, thanks to a packed house of community members and our partners at the Morrison Institute for Public Policy at Arizona State University. The energy in the room showed an intense interest in this issue and a desire to work together to continue to keep youth out of the criminal justice system, as trends show an overall reduction in juvenile crime statewide. Read more

**Location Change** Join Us for an Interactive Discussion on Juvenile Justice and Effective Fiscal Policy

In the past several years, juvenile crime rates in Arizona have dropped, thanks in part to community-based prevention and diversion programs offered in local jurisdictions. New state policies, however, could have a dramatic impact on how these services are offered by requiring counties to pay for incarcerating youth in state juvenile correctional facilities. Read more

See how your legislators scored in the 2015 Legislative Report Card

Each year, the 90 members of our state legislature vote on dozens of bills that shape the education, health and safety of Arizona’s children and families. CAA believes that every lawmaker has the responsibility to vote for kids, and our legislators should be held accountable and measured on their performance.

See how the Ducey Budget plan impacts kids

Last Friday, Governor Ducey released his budget proposal. He proposed a variety of tactics to close the gap between projected revenues and expenses over the next 18 months. And, he revealed his values and priorities regarding education, health care and child safety. CAA has prepared some useful charts to highlight key areas, and drafted the following to help you navigate the complex budget proposal.

Senate Votes to Increase Funding For CPS, Child Care and Grandparents Stipend

On Thursday, May 16, 2013, the Arizona Senate voted to restore and expand Medicaid coverage for adults as Governor Brewer and dozens of community groups have been supporting. In addition, they also voted to increase critical funding for abused and neglected children. These increases include: $4 million for Children Support Services. The original legislation did not include any increase for Children Support Services. (CAA called for $10 million.) $4 million for Child Care. The original legislation provided an increase of $5 million; the amendment brings the increase to $9 million. (CAA supported the Governor’s plan which included $9 million.) $1 million for Grandparents Stipend. This provides the funding needed to support a monthly $75 stipend for qualified grandparents raising their grandchildren. (CAA called for $1 million.)

CAA 2012 Annual Report

CAA is pleased to share our CAA 2012 Annual Report.  Thank you to the many donors and supporters that made last year another success for Arizona’s children and families. Read more

Youth Incarceration Drops Dramatically in Arizona

Arizona’s rate of confining young people in secure facilities has dropped by 57 percent over a 13-year period while crime rates have continued to fall, according to a new report from The Annie E. Casey Foundation.