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Arizona 3rd Worst in Cuts to K-12 Education 

Arizonans will not be surprised by a new report from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities showing that  Arizona is still stands out in cuts to K-12 education funding. Adjusting for inflation, Arizona is again third worst in the nation for cuts to state school spending per student from 2008 to 2016.   Read more

School Districts Counting on Arizonans to Cast Ballots in November 3 Override Elections

More than 40 K-12 school districts across Arizona are asking voters this week to approve budget overrides and issuing bonds that will add much needed dollars to their maintenance and operations and capital budgets, funds that have been lost over years of cuts to classrooms statewide. Last week’s Special Session of the legislature has no bearing on this week’s bond and override requests to voters; the bills that were passed and quickly signed into law by Governor Ducey were intended to address a 2010 lawsuit over inflationary dollars schools should have received a long time ago. Read more

The Good, The Bad and the Ugly of the K-12 Inflation Funding Settlement

After Republican legislative leaders fought long and hard against restoring inflationary funding for public schools that voters had mandated in 2001, Governor Ducey led them to an agreement with the education groups who sued the state. This agreement will likely go before state lawmakers this week. The agreement looks and feels like a compromise. Read more

Return on Education: Arizona Schools Count on Prop. 301 Sales Tax

We launched our Return on Education policy briefs in August, looking at specific K-12 education funding streams and exploring what long term strategies are needed to boost our education system. This month, we explain Proposition 301, approved by Arizona voters 15 years ago, with a state sales tax dedicated to education plus mandated cost of living increases for school budgets. Read more

Return on Education: What Does the State Land Trust Mean for AZ Schools?

Questions and options about financing K-12 public schools take center stage for Arizona families and employers as the lawsuit over inflation funding continues, the Superintendent of Public Instruction and the State Board of Education tangle over helping schools achieve third grade reading goals, and students across the state begin this new school year with crowded classrooms, teacher shortages, and outdated textbooks and technology. Read more

Arizona’s Education Funding is Short-Changing Our State’s Children

Despite assertions that Arizona is spending more on K-12 education than ever, budget numbers released by the Joint Legislative Budget Committee (JLBC) this week don’t bear that out. When adjusted for inflation, the data shows less is being spent per student now than nine years ago. The current amount from federal, state and local dollars is $7,711, compared with $9,438 in FY 2007. Read more

Higher Tax Credits for Private Schools

Private schools are celebrating. This week Arizona corporations broke a record for the time it took to make maximum donations for private school tuition tax credits.