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Gov. Ducey’s 2019 State Budget Proposal: What’s In It?

January 30, 2018
Infographic in printable PDF Arizona’s growing economy CAN’T plug leaks caused by 28 years of tax cuts. The budget is loaded with overly optimistic revenue projections, counts on more Arizonans playing the lottery, takes $52 million from hospital patients, counties, and universities and uses $89 million in one-time shifts, as well as sweeps from special purpose funds. Read more

Lawmakers Need to Hear From You: Keep KidsCare in Place for AZ Working Families

January 17, 2018
The legislative session is in full swing, with important bills already being heard in committees. Just one critical measure being considered is HB 2127 to prevent another freeze of KidsCare, Arizona’s affordable health coverage for working families. The first hearing is scheduled for this Thursday, January 18th at 10:30 am. Congress has not yet voted to provide continued federal funding, but we expect a vote in the next two months. Read more

Your Turn: Gov. Doug Ducey Would Give Schools $89 More Per Student. That’s Not Enough.

January 14, 2018
From The Arizona Republic Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey is restoring money cut to schools during the recession, but it’s not enough to truly move the needle. Gov. Doug Ducey is hearing the alarm bells across our state about our critical teacher shortage. Tens of thousands of Arizona children are in classrooms without a permanent teacher. Read more

Gov. Ducey’s FY 2019 Budget Plan Fails Arizona Schools

January 12, 2018
Governor Ducey released his budget proposal today. There are some trends that are good for kids growing up in Arizona today, including a proposed funding increase for more children who are adopted from foster care and no new prison beds. But his lack of a long term financial plan for public schools fails Arizona. Read more

Permanent Guardianship in Arizona Needs Updated Policies and Support

January 11, 2018
After nearly two decades of experience with permanent guardianship in Arizona, the time has come to update laws and practices to safeguard children and improve their stability and security. Abused and neglected children can be connected to lifelong families through an option known as “permanent guardianship,” which allows kids to leave foster care and live with people they already know and trust, preventing them from bouncing from one foster placement to another. Read more

Gov. Ducey’s K-12 Education Funding Plan Fails to Restore $952M in K-12 Cuts

January 10, 2018
Governor Ducey announced an outline of his budget proposals for K-12 public schools yesterday. He enthusiastically described the value of reversing $100 million in cuts to classroom funding that he made just three years ago. He also wants to add $10 million in this year’s budget and $18 million in next year’s budget for school building maintenance and repair. Read more

AZ Schools Now Calls on State Lawmakers to Get Real on K-12 Public School Funding

January 4, 2018
Chart in printable PDF Children’s Action Alliance is proud to be part of AZ Schools Now – a coalition of parents, teachers, and champions for public education. Today, we put out a call to Governor Doug Ducey and the state legislature to make substantial reinvestments in K-12 public schools this year to increase teacher pay and student support. Read more

Report: Child Care Policies Rank AZ Near the Bottom

December 12, 2017
Access to quality child care is important for the well-being of parents, children, and our communities. The National Women’s Law Center released a new report entitled Persistent Gaps: State Child Care Assistance Policies 2017  that compares how states encourage or impede access to affordable, quality child care for working families. The good news in Arizona is that the co-payment amount that families are required to pay dropped significantly. Read more

Frank from Fostering Advocates AZ is Going to the UK to Study!

December 11, 2017
We are pleased to share that Frank Smith, a member of the Fostering Advocates Arizona (FAAZ) Young Adult Leadership Board, has just been awarded the Marshall Scholarship, a prestigious post-graduate scholarship. The award was granted to only 43 students this year, and is focused on leadership and strengthening the relationship between the USA and the United Kingdom. Read more

AZ Tax Collections Too Slow to Re-Invest in K-12 Public Schools

November 30, 2017
State revenue projections show that relying on economic growth without tax increases is not a realistic plan to reinvest the funding our schools need. Children’s Action Alliance highlights this gap in a new Return on Education policy brief. The data show that Arizona’s K-12 public schools are STILL short $1.1 billion in state funding compared to fiscal year 2008, before the budget cuts during the Great Recession. Read more