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Budget and Taxes

TAKE ACTION: Ducey/Leadership Budget Released

send your message 225 px March 4, 2015
Take Action and send a message to Governor Ducey, your state senator and your state representatives urging them to reject this budget plan.

See how the Ducey Budget plan impacts kids

accounting machine January 21, 2015
Last Friday, Governor Ducey released his budget proposal. He proposed a variety of tactics to close the gap between projected revenues and expenses over the next 18 months. And, he revealed his values and priorities regarding education, health care and child safety. CAA has prepared some useful charts to highlight key areas, and drafted the following to help you navigate the complex budget proposal.

CAA New Budget & Taxes Guide

Budget Q and A cover January 9, 2015
Did you know that Arizona has the lowest spending per student on K-12 administration of any state in the country? Or that tax cuts adopted by our legislature and Governor Brewer just since the Great Recession began account for more than one third of the projected budget deficit next fiscal year? Read more

2015 Policy Priorities for the Arizona Governor, State Legislature and State Agencies

Girl in a classroom December 24, 2014
Children's Action Alliance invites you to join us as we stand up for policies and practices that create a brighter future for our children and a vibrant economy for Arizona.

Budget Requests Part 2: DJC and DHS

accounting machine November 11, 2014
State agencies have submitted their funding requests for the next fiscal year which begins July 1. Over the next few weeks, CAA will continue to provide you with a snapshot of requests submitted by many of these agencies.

Budget Requests Part 1: DES

Budget and Taxes photo final October 29, 2014
Over the next few weeks we will be providing you with a snapshot of requests submitted by many of these agencies. The first snapshot is of the Department of Economic Security's request for $49 million additional general fund dollars.

Arizona still ranks among the worst for cuts to K-12 education

frustrated student 220px October 16, 2014
Arizona ranks third worst in the country in depth of cuts to school funding since the start of the recession.

Budget Deficits are Back!

Broken piggy bank October 9, 2014
The new Governor and legislature we elect on November 4 will face high expectations from voters and huge challenges from the state budget.

State Spending on K-12 Education Is Up – Barely

Budget and Taxes photo final September 11, 2014
The Joint Legislative Budget Committee staff has issued its annual calculation of K-12 education spending over the last ten years - from fiscal year 2006 through the current fiscal year (2015).Compared to last year, fiscal year 2015 per-pupil funding, adjusted for inflation, has increased by $17 to $3,529, a 0.5% increase. This is still significantly less than fiscal year 2008, when per-pupil spending was $4,654.

K-12 Funding Facts

PE0004 June 16, 2014
During campaign seasons, candidates and voters spend a lot of time talking about education and education funding. School financing is a key responsibility for Arizona’s governor and legislature.