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Budget and Taxes

What to Look for in Gov. Ducey’s State Budget Proposal 

January 11, 2016
Today, Governor Ducey will deliver his State of the State address, laying out his priorities for 2016. Later this week he will present his budget proposal to the legislature and to the people of the state. This proposal becomes a starting point for public discussion and legislative consideration and negotiation before the new fiscal year begins in July. Read more

Arizona 3rd Worst in Cuts to K-12 Education 

December 10, 2015
Arizonans will not be surprised by a new report from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities showing that  Arizona is still stands out in cuts to K-12 education funding. Adjusting for inflation, Arizona is again third worst in the nation for cuts to state school spending per student from 2008 to 2016.   Read more

Low Income Arizona Families Pay High Taxes

November 18, 2015
According to the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy (ITEP), the poorest Arizona households pay $12.50 in state and local taxes for every $100 in income, compared to just $4.60 of for the state’s richest residents. Arizona is considered one of the “Terrible 10”  meaning exactly what it says:  those who make the least amount of money pay the biggest share of their income in total state and local taxes, while the wealthiest pay the smallest chunk.    Read more

Are We Getting Our Money’s Worth in Job Creation Dollars?

October 8, 2015
Return on Investment (ROI) is a simple concept, meaning: What are we getting for the money we’re spending? Last year, the quasi-public state agency, Arizona Commerce Authority, was given more than $30 million in taxpayer dollars to create and retain high quality jobs. This year they’re requesting a little less, but still substantial, $26.8 million. Read more

A Look at the Department of Child Safety’s Budget Request for the Upcoming Year

October 2, 2015
The Department of Child Safety (DCS) recently submitted its funding request for fiscal year 2017, asking for a 21% increase of $105.9 million in appropriated funds (including the state general fund, federal TANF block grant and federal child care funds).  DCS requests that $65.5 million of this increase begins during the current fiscal year with a supplemental appropriation to address system deficits. Read more

Return on Education: Arizona Schools Count on Prop. 301 Sales Tax

September 28, 2015
We launched our Return on Education policy briefs in August, looking at specific K-12 education funding streams and exploring what long term strategies are needed to boost our education system. This month, we explain Proposition 301, approved by Arizona voters 15 years ago, with a state sales tax dedicated to education plus mandated cost of living increases for school budgets. Read more

Return on Education: What Does the State Land Trust Mean for AZ Schools?

August 27, 2015
Questions and options about financing K-12 public schools take center stage for Arizona families and employers as the lawsuit over inflation funding continues, the Superintendent of Public Instruction and the State Board of Education tangle over helping schools achieve third grade reading goals, and students across the state begin this new school year with crowded classrooms, teacher shortages, and outdated textbooks and technology. Read more

Arizona’s Education Funding is Short-Changing Our State’s Children

August 20, 2015
Despite assertions that Arizona is spending more on K-12 education than ever, budget numbers released by the Joint Legislative Budget Committee (JLBC) this week don’t bear that out. When adjusted for inflation, the data shows less is being spent per student now than nine years ago. The current amount from federal, state and local dollars is $7,711, compared with $9,438 in FY 2007. Read more

Budget and Tax Fact Sheets

August 12, 2015
Click here for a list of fact sheets on fiscal policy issues specific to Arizona.

UPDATED – Questions and Answers About Arizona’s State Budget and Taxes What Every Legislator – and Taxpayer – Wants to Know

July 31, 2015
Here is our popular Questions and Answers About Arizona’s State Budget and Taxes What Every Legislator – and Taxpayer – Wants to Know, updated with the most recent information as of July 2015. Read more