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Budget and Taxes

Tax Cuts Have Long Term Impact

July 23, 2013
The Arizona economy and state revenues still struggle for a full recovery from the Great Recession and the expiration of the temporary sales tax takes nearly $1 billion each year out of state dollars. State funding for child care, K-12 education, and assistance for poor children remains far below what it was in 2008. Read more

We’ve Got a Budget that Helps Families!

June 13, 2013
The special session called to pass next year's budget and Medicaid restoration ended last month with successful passage of both. Medicaid coverage has been restored for adults without children and will be fully paid for with a hospital assessment and federal funds.

Growing up poor in Arizona: STATE POLICY AT A CROSSROADS

June 3, 2013
Arizona stands at a crossroads when it comes to budget policies for poor children. First, the state has abandoned most of the tools it once had to move families from welfare to work. Second, the state has also dramatically cut back on basic cash assistance to help poor families survive from day to day and month to month.

Are Tax Credits Effective?

December 11, 2012
Download PDF Version Every year in Arizona, millions of dollars that would have gone to the state’s bottom line are spent elsewhere without annual oversight or performance review. Specifically, more than $300 million is automatically allocated to select beneficiaries each year through state tax credits with virtually no accountability to taxpayers. Read more

Income Inequality in Arizona

November 19, 2012
The income gap between Arizona’s richest and poorest households is the 2nd widest in the nation, according to a new report by the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities and the Economic Policy Institute. As of the late 2000s (2008-2010, the most recent data available), a snapshot of household income shows a troubling picture. Read more

Impact of Tax Cuts Over the Years

October 10, 2012
With one exception (2003), the Arizona legislature has passed some type of tax cut every year since 1990.In recent years have only served to exacerbate the budget shortfalls of the past and are projected to be a significant factor in future budget shortfall projections.

Who are the 47%?

September 21, 2012
2012 Presidential candidate Mitt Romney made some infamous remarks about how 47% of American households don’t pay federal income taxes. Here’s a chart that shows he missed a key point: Taxpayers with Lowest Incomes Pay Highest Percentage in State and Local Taxes Read more

Children’s Action Alliance Statement by Dana Wolfe Naimark, President and CEO: Who Really Pays Arizona Taxes?

September 21, 2012
By now, it’s clear that Governor Romney’s statements about the 47% of American households who don’t pay federal income taxes missed some key points – about Americans and about tax policy. We often hear similar false assumptions about who pays their fair share of state taxes here in Arizona. The facts show that the Arizona legislature has created numerous methods that profitable corporations and taxpayers of all incomes use to shrink their income taxes. Read more

Most Education Funding is Getting to the Classroom

September 14, 2012
You’ve probably heard a lot of talk lately about K-12 education funding and the press conference we had last week focusing on the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities report, New School Year Brings More Cuts in State Funding for Schools. The report showed Arizona cut state K-12 per pupil funding more than any other state in the last five years. Read more

School Administrative Costs in Arizona

September 4, 2012
You’ve probably heard some folks who support budget cuts to education say that the real problem is that too much money is spent on administration, leaving too little for the classroom.