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Budget and Taxes

Arizona’s Low-Income Families Have the Most “Skin in the Game” When it Comes to Paying State and Local Taxes

January 26, 2012
Arizonans with modest earnings contribute a much larger share of their income to support schools, roads and other public assets than do better-off households, according to a new CAA report.

Digging the Hole Deeper

October 1, 2009
This publication explores state tax cuts over the past two decades and examines their consequences. The report concludes that tax cuts totaling more than $1.5 billion a year leave Arizona unable to provide the assets that families and businesses value - education, health care, public safety and infrastructure.

Payday Loans are Bad for Arizona’s Working Families

February 1, 2008
Thanks to your efforts and the efforts of our partners, the extraordinary interest charge for payday loans are currently illegal. That doesn't mean that the payday loan industry has given up. There is frequent talk of bringing them back, so we're always on the lookout for bills in the legislature or propositions on the ballot.

Drug Testing TANF Recipients

February 1, 2008
Temporary Assistance to Need Families (TANF) benefits provide minimal, time-limited cash assistance to extremely poor mothers and children while moms gain work skills and seek jobs. Throughout the years the legislature has proposed laws that would require all recipients of TANF, to pass regular drug tests in order to receive benefits.


August 1, 2006
This paper describes who Arizona’s minimum wage workers are, explains why an updated minimum wage is important, and presents evidence that refutes the claim that increasing the minimum wage will weaken job growth.