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Child Abuse and Neglect

Forum Transcript, Community Comments and Recommendations

December 16, 2013
Click here for the transcript from the December 3, 2013 CPS Community Forum and a complete list of all the community suggestions for CPS improvement submitted at the Forum and afterwards. In addition, you can read an Executive Summary of the Forum which identifies common themes and major recommendations.

Prevention Efforts Will Protect Children and Slow Down the Growing Need for Foster Care

February 21, 2013
Since 2009, the economic crash has squeezed families with extreme stress and state budget cuts have left families with very few places to turn for help. The result has been skyrocketing growth in the number of children suffering from neglect and the number living in foster care. The growth in foster care is traumatic for children, expensive for taxpayers, and overwhelming for the state Child Protective Services (CPS) system. Targeted prevention efforts can slow down the growth and preserve families.

History of CPS Presentation

January 29, 2013
Beth Rosenberg, CAA Director of Child Welfare and Juvenile Justice Policy, and CAA President and CEO, Dana Wolfe Naimark, presented to the House Democratic Caucus on other steps lawmakers can take to improve care for abused and neglected children.

Community Services Unit of the Maricopa County Juvenile Court

May 15, 2008
This document provides answers related to child welfare and juvenile justice systems, with information related to guardianship, emancipation, dependency, and behavioral/mental health.

Hearing Their Voices

February 1, 2008
Arizona Juvenile Courts play a critical role in the lives of abused and neglected children when they enter foster care. The court processes for these cases are called dependency proceedings because children who ultimately need the protection of the court are deemed “dependent children.” Many decisions in a dependent child’s life from the time of entry into foster care to the moment of departure from the system are overseen by the court. Courts determine whether children will enter foster care, how often they will be moved from placement to placement once they enter care, whether they will see their siblings and other family members while in care, when they will leave the system, and where they will go once they leave.

Getting From Here To There A Guide to The Dependency Court For Children and Youth in Foster Care

January 1, 2007
This Guide has been reviewed by youth in foster care for your benefit. We want you to be involved! No one can stress how important it is for you to be an active participant in your case.

Transitions: Building Better Lives for Youth Leaving Foster Care

September 1, 2005
With the continuing recognition that these foster youth need extensive assistance to successfully transition to the independence of adulthood, this report revises and updates Transitions: Building Better Lives for Youth Leaving Foster Care, published in March 2003.

Arizona Juvenile Courts – Terminating Parental Rights by Jury Trial in Arizona: A First Year Look

May 1, 2005
This report, Arizona Juvenile Courts - Terminating Parental Rights by Jury Trial in Arizona: A First Year Look, examines the legislative mandate initiated in December 2003, without additional funding, to allow jury trials for termination of parental rights hearings based on a parent’s request.