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Early Childhood

You’re Invited: Early Childhood Legislative Day

February 1, 2017
Come join the fun at the State Capitol! Early childhood champions are gathering to raise awareness of the importance of the early years at Early Childhood Legislative Day. Network with friends and legislators, as we show how early childhood development and health contribute to healthy children, third grade literacy, enhanced economic development and strong communities! Read more

Good News/Bad News Regarding First Things First

February 3, 2016
First the good news: Last week, House Concurrent Resolution (HCR) 2037 stalled in the House Education Committee. This bill would have asked Arizonans to vote for a third time on their commitment to dedicate tobacco tax funds to children five and younger so that they arrive at school healthy and ready to succeed. Read more

A Bad Budget for Arizona

March 11, 2015
In the early hours of Saturday, March 7, the Arizona legislature passed the budget for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2015. While the budget balances revenues and expenditures for one year, it lacks a greater vision for Arizona's children and families and future.

Child Care: Good News & Bad News

January 28, 2015
There’s good news and bad news for Arizona’s working families looking for strong, affordable child care. Recently, the state sent letters to every qualified family who was on the waiting list for child care vouchers, offering them a chance to come in and update their applications and receive a voucher to help them pay for the child care that works for them. Read more

2015 Policy Priorities for the Arizona Governor, State Legislature and State Agencies

December 24, 2014
Children's Action Alliance invites you to join us as we stand up for policies and practices that create a brighter future for our children and a vibrant economy for Arizona.

Reading Scores Show Mixed Results

August 11, 2014
The Arizona Department of Education released AIMS test results last week. AIMS is the state standardized test that measures student achievement. 2014 was the first year in which 3rd grade students who score extremely low on reading proficiency will not be promoted to fourth grade, according to Arizona’s “Move On When Reading” law. The news on the test results is mixed.


July 15, 2014
Just as Arizona’s children are getting ready to return to school and a new batch of 3 and 4 year olds are beginning preschool, good news comes for some working parents. Thanks to legislative funding for child care, notice went out to 4,000 children and their families that they can now use vouchers to help pay child care costs.

A New Addition!

May 5, 2014
We are happy to announce that Kelley Murphy joins our team as our new Director of Early Childhood Policy. Kelley will provide leadership to improve early literacy and strengthen children’s access to quality child care, preschool and home visiting services.

Child Care for Safe and Thriving Children and Families: A Win-Win Strategy

February 18, 2014
Parents without reliable, affordable child care may have to make the horrible choice to leave children home alone or in other inconsistent or dangerous situations when they have to go to work. This can contribute to lack of adequate supervision for children and a report of child neglect.

A Story of the Importance of Affordable and Quality Child Care

January 4, 2014
Children's Action Alliance partners with the community and pulls together the research that shows what strengthens families and then put it into practice through policy. One example of this was our work to support First Things First and protect its independent funding source.