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Do you or someone you know need health insurance?

March 10, 2014
If you do, then download one of our Health Care Resources for Arizona’s Low Income and Uninsured Families manuals. Available in English and Spanish. Read more

It’s about feeling better…

December 30, 2013
Have a Happy and Healthy New Year - we hear it often at the start of each year. Thousands of us will make New Year's resolutions to get more exercise, lose weight, and take better care of themselves. But being healthy needs more than good wishes or willpower. It means being able to get the medical treatment you need when you need it.

No Improvement in Health Insurance Coverage of Arizona’s Kids

September 17, 2013
Today the U.S. Census Bureau released new health insurance coverage data from the Current Population Survey. The most recent two year period, 2011/2012, shows that Arizona health insurance coverage for children remained unchanged from the previous two years, 2009/2010. This means that nearly a quarter of a million children or roughly 14% of all children in Arizona continue to go without health care services that health insurance provides. Read more

Weighing In

April 23, 2012
The word “youth” evokes images of vitality, energy, resilience, and health. But today the effects of being obese or overweight mar those images for nearly one out of three children in Arizona. And the loss of health and energy affect the learning of children in school. Weighing In tackles this issue and offers practical solutions to this growing problem.

KidsCare Is a Smart Investment, Creating Jobs and Keeping Children Healthy

January 18, 2012
KidsCare not only provides health insurance coverage for some of Arizona's most vulnerable children, it also adds jobs and keeps families out of medical debt and bankruptcy. Since enrollment to KidsCare has been frozen, enrollment has fallen more than 70%, to just over 12,000, while the rate of uninsured children in Arizona has begun inching up, after years of steady progress.


September 16, 2011
Arizona has chosen to let the federal government run our health marketplace. That doesn't mean we won't have input. The public will be asked for their opinions and we already have an outline of the things we would like to see in such a marketplace. We call them "Ingredients for Success" and you can find them in this document, along with the list of community groups who we worked with to define these ingredients.

The Affordable Care Act and Arizona

March 20, 2010
On March 23, 2010, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) became law. The purpose of PPACA was to expand health insurance coverage to 32 million additional American citizens and legal US residents, assure that reliable and affordable health insurance would be available when Americans need it, and protect patients from abuses by the health insurance industry.

Legal Immigrants CAN use most public benefits (like AHCCCS and KidsCare)

February 6, 2007
Public Charge - This flyer in English and Spanish lists which public programs will and will not affect immigration status.