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AZ Ranks 47th in Conditions for Kids

June 24, 2013
While key economic indicators have been improving for Arizona, key indicators for children’s health, education and security continue to rank Arizona at the bottom of the nation, according to this year’s KIDS COUNT® Data Book, published by The Annie E. Casey Foundation.  Arizona ranks 47th overall on the sixteen indicators, just above Nevada, Mississippi, and New Mexico.  Read more

Youth Incarceration Drops Dramatically in Arizona

February 27, 2013
Arizona’s rate of confining young people in secure facilities has dropped by 57 percent over a 13-year period while crime rates have continued to fall, according to a new report from The Annie E. Casey Foundation.

Who are Arizona’s Grandfamilies?

January 23, 2013
There are more than 60,000 children in Arizona today being raised by their grandparents or other relative for part of their childhoods.Get more facts about grandfamilies in Arizona by downloading this fact sheet.

Arizona Pre-K Enrollment

December 7, 2012
In Arizona, according to 2011 U.S. Census data, only 35% of 3 and 4 year old children were enrolled in preschool, which is far below the U.S. average (47%) and one of the lowest in the country. These figures are based on Census surveys and include all types of early education programs.


December 5, 2012
Annie E Casey’s KIDS COUNT recently published a policy brief on a topic rarely discussed, but often experienced: Disengaged Youth — that is, youth who are neither in school nor employed. It’s an important problem, because a large body of evidence shows that such youth are more likely to face long term unemployment than their peers. Read more

2012 KIDS COUNT Data Book

July 25, 2012
Arizona ranked fifth worst overall for conditions for children and families, according to the 2012 KIDS COUNT Data Book released by the Annie E. Casey Foundation. The economic recession took a terrible toll on children: conditions worsened in seven of the 16 indicators in Arizona since 2005.

Voters and Candidates Get Information about Conditions for Kids in 30 New Legislative Districts

June 22, 2012
Children's Action Alliance released new fact sheets highlighting conditions for children and families in each of Arizona's 30 newly drawn legislative districts. The fact sheets use recent U.S. Census data along with AIMS reading scores to paint a picture of some aspects of family life throughout Arizona.

2012 Policy Brief – Stepping Up for Kids: What Government and Communities Should Do to Support Kinship Families

May 23, 2012
What do President Barack Obama, U.S. Senator Olympia Snowe and Oprah Winfrey have in common? Like 60,000 children in Arizona today, they were raised by their grandparents or other relatives for part of their childhoods. This practice, called kinship care, has been growing in Arizona and throughout the nation.

Overall Poverty Rate by Census Tract in Arizona

March 8, 2012
View the poverty rates and number of children living in each census tract in Arizona. Explore the map by zooming in on your area and clicking on the census tract to get the overall poverty rate and number of children living in the area. Any area shaded orange or red has an overall poverty rate of 30% or more (high poverty area).

2012 Data Snapshot – Arizona has 5th Highest Rate of Kids in High Poverty Areas

February 23, 2012
Children living in areas of high poverty, defined as census tracts with poverty rates higher than 30%, are more likely go hungry, live in inadequate housing and lack proper health care. Research has shown that's true no matter what the household income is for that child.