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Governor Ducey Leaves 30,000 Kids Behind

May 4, 2016
It is surprising and disturbing to report that Governor Ducey and legislative Republicans have ignored calls from across the state to lift the freeze on KidsCare.  After Senate President Any Biggs and a small band of extremist legislators threatened to blow up the entire budget deal, not a single Republican in the House voted for the proposed amendment to restore KidsCare and only two Republicans in the Senate voted yes.We are grateful for the strong and steadfast support of the House and Senate Democrats who made KidsCare a top priority all throughout the legislative session. Read more

New Study Finds Parents’ Incarceration Has Major Impact on Kids

April 25, 2016
The country’s “tough on crime” policies, with harsher prison sentences for offenders, have had a big impact on American families, including more than five million children whose parents are incarcerated. As a result of their parents’ absence, these kids are more likely to experience poverty, homelessness, hunger and emotional distress. These effects can be lasting, even lifelong. Read more

What You Need to Know About the State Budget

April 19, 2016
We continue to await detailed proposals from both chambers of the legislature, as negotiating the FY 2017 budget once again goes on behind closed doors. From the numbers we have seen so far, the proposals from Senate president Biggs and House Speaker Gowan include reduced funding for public schools and a yet-to-be-named PERMANENT tax cut of $30 million, funds that are desperately needed for districts struggling to keep experienced teachers and classrooms using outdated technology and texbooks. Read more

Thank You For Participating in Our News Conference and Rally at the State Capitol

April 14, 2016
A big thank you to our community partners, members of the Cover Kids Coalition and constituents across Arizona who joined us this week for a news conference and rally at the State Capitol, as we urged lawmakers to include KidsCare in their budget proposals to Governor Ducey. We also thank each of you who have emailed and called your representatives and the Governor to voice your support over the past several months. Read more

Statement from President and CEO Dana Wolfe Naimark on Senate President Andy Biggs’ Inaccurate Statements on KidsCare

April 8, 2016
PDF Version  (Phoenix, AZ) – In media interviews this week with the Yellow Sheet and Arizona Horizon on KAET Channel 8 (Phoenix PBS affiliate), Senate President Andy Biggs was asked why he doesn’t support lifting the freeze on KidsCare. Senator Biggs replied with a series of inaccurate and contradictory statements. His opposition flies in the face of the priorities of Arizona and a majority of state lawmakers. Read more

State Legislative Update: What You Need to Know About the Budget

April 6, 2016
Budget charts are circulating throughout the capitol that reflect proposals from Senate President Andy Biggs and House Speaker David Gowan. They are working to round up enough votes to pass the budget over the next two weeks. Now is the time for Arizonans to let our own state senators and representatives know what priorities we want them to vote for in the budget. Read more

Arizona Welfare to Work Policies Doing Little to Help Families

March 21, 2016
In 1979, one out of every two families with children living in poverty in Arizona participated in welfare assistance. In 2014, almost two decades after welfare reform, only one out of eleven families with children living in poverty in Arizona participated in the new program. Those who are able to participate receive a monthly average of only $93 per person in Arizona — one of the lowest rates of assistance in the country. Read more

Your Help is Needed: Tell Gov. Ducey You Want Him to #UnfreezeKidsCare

March 16, 2016
Arizona children need your voice. Please take a moment to call Governor Ducey at 602-542-4331 or email him with this link to ask him to #UnfreezeKidsCare. Thank you for your support. Read more

Statement from CAA on HB 2309, Bill to #UnfreezeKidsCare

March 10, 2016
(Phoenix, AZ) – The following is a statement from Children’s Action Alliance president and CEO, Dana Wolfe Naimark, on legislative efforts to reinstate KidsCare, Arizona’s Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP): “KidsCare has broad, bipartisan support in the legislature, where the Arizona House passed HB 2309 last week 47-12. Lifting the temporary freeze on KidsCare is a top priority across the state for pediatricians and nurses, employers and parents, AARP and faith groups, educators and rural communities. Read more

Fostering Advocates Arizona Unveils 2016 Priorities

March 1, 2016
As young adults who have experienced foster care first hand, it troubles us deeply to see the increasing number of kids coming into and aging out of foster care in Arizona each year. Having lived through the obstacles that brought us into care, managing life while in care, and surviving life after care, we understand the hurdles and struggles current and former foster youth face each day and it is the driving force behind our advocacy efforts. Read more