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Children at Risk of Being Homeless in Arizona

A recent report, America’s Youngest Outcasts 2010, ranks each state in the areas of the numbers of homeless children, their well-being, the risk for child homelessness in the state, and state level planning and policy activities. Using the most recent data available this report ranks Arizona 47th in the nation in the composite score and as the worst state in terms of children at risk of being homeless. Thankfully, it gets better from there. According to this report, Arizona’s planning and policies place closer to the middle of the pack as does the overall well being of children in Arizona.

Even this good news is tainted with the prospect of it becoming bad news if our legislators don’t have their state spending priorities in order. For example, the Housing Trust Fund is one of the factors that keeps Arizona from being at the bottom of these rankings. For now this fund is safe, but we’ll be keeping our eyes on it to make sure it stays that way.

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