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Clearing the Path for Common Core Evaluation

The business and education communities agree that Arizona’s schools and students need the legislature to take action to clear the path for student learning evaluations. HB 2047 would authorize replacing the AIMS test with an improved evaluation process aligned with the new statewide Common Core standards. HB 2047 is supported by the State Board of Education and received bipartisan support in the House, where it passed last month by a vote of 50 – 9 but it has not moved in the Senate. Please contact Senate Education Chair, Kimberly Yee at, to ask her to hear HB 2047.

One Response to “Clearing the Path for Common Core Evaluation”

  1. Lisa R Peck says:

    Dear Ms. Yee,

    I urge you to hear HB 2047 on behalf of Arizona’s children.
    Common Core is a system that will enhance the learning of
    all students and help them to be more competitive in the
    global marketplace. Blocking this bill due to political
    ideology that supports only local control will not help
    students or the local communities in which they live.


    Lisa R. Peck

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