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Contact Washington DC to help Working Families

Posted December 19, 2012 to Blog, enews, Federal Budget | Comments (0)

As the Fiscal Cliff deadlines loom, there are frenzied media reports about the negotiations and what’s at stake for us as Americans. One story that has been missing is a small percentage of the federal budget, but a huge life-saver for millions of American working families: the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) and the Child Tax Credit (CTC). There is a risk that the EITC and CTC would be cut if action isn’t taken.

Please take a moment to give a gift to working parents and their children by sending a message Senators John McCain and Jon Kyl and your congressman today.


Since 2009, nearly one-half million Arizona children have been lifted out of poverty because of the EITC and CTC. A parent working full-time at the federal minimum wage earns only $14,500 a year. Now imagine a single mom with two children trying to make ends meet on that income. Thanks to the CTC, this mom will receive $1,725 in a tax refund, more than she makes in a month. If Congress doesn’t protect the CTC, her tax credit would plummet to only $165. That would wipe out money for groceries, doctor’s visits or clothing. It’s no surprise that studies show that children who are helped by these tax credits do better in school and in life.

The EITC and CTC are also important to the local economy. Working families will spend money at the grocery store, retail shops, pharmacies, etc. Employers can maintain their workforce because lower-income employees will be able to afford child care and transportation to work.

Please contact your member of Congress and Senators John McCain and Jon Kyl before Friday and ask them to only vote for a budget deal that proects these credits. President Obama and Congressional leaders could possibly hammer out a deal before Christmas to avoid the Fiscal Cliff; send your message as soon as possible so our working families are part of the final deal.

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