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CPS Improvement Bill Moves Forward

HB 2144, which already passed the House with only one vote against it, passed its first Senate Committee on Wednesday hearing by a vote of 6-0. This legislation gives DES rule-making authority, through the adoption of Administrative Rules, to change the length of time a person with a substantiated incident of abuse or neglect stays on the CPS central registry based on the incident reported and risk of future harm. HB 2144 also gives mandatory reporters of abuse the ability of online reporting and would eliminate the need for follow-up written reports. As amended, it requires DES to create a plan for an alternative, community-based approach to low-risk reports of abuse and neglect rather than a full-blown investigation. CAA fully supports planning and funding this kind of approach to help strengthen families and reduce the need for foster care. The bill now needs to be heard in Rules before it can move on to full vote in the Senate.

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