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What is the Arizona Youth Opportunities Initiative?

frank smith video capture

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Thousands of children growing up in Arizona have family connections that are troubled and shaky. Today there are more than 15,000 abused and neglected children living in temporary foster care. For those who grow up and “graduate” from foster care when they turn 18, young adulthood can be extremely challenging and even dangerous without a permanent family to lean on.

Children’s Action Alliance is proud to be a leader of the Arizona Youth Opportunities Initiative, a collaborative project to connect former foster youth with opportunities for education, health care, housing, jobs, financial stability, and personal connections.

Here is the story of Frank Smith, a dynamic young man who is working with Children’s Action Alliance to build a better future for alumni of foster care like him. Please donate to CAA today so we can continue this work to create an Arizona where traditions, love and security are celebrated by all.

Thank you.

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