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Despite Passage of School Vouchers, the Fight for Public Education is NOT Over

Governor Ducey has signed a new law expanding ESA vouchers for private schools to all students statewide after the measure passed the legislature by one vote in each house.

This measure does nothing to address Arizona’s growing teacher shortage crisis, nothing to close the achievement gap for children growing up poor, and nothing to enable public schools to update classroom textbooks and technology. Instead, this bill gives parents a debit card with public tax dollars they can spend on private and religious school tuition, tutoring, or educational therapies.

Higher income students will remain the prime users of ESA vouchers, as they are today. The richest families in our state, who already plan to send their children to private school from K through high school graduation with their own resources, will now be able to get that education subsidized through our income and sales tax dollars – leaving the vast majority of students in neighborhood public schools behind.

The fight for public education is not over! The legislature is still working on the state budget for next year. Now more than ever we need to speak up in support of public education.

Please click here to sign this petition telling our legislature to say yes to teacher raises and no to more tax cuts and tax credits.


8 Responses to “Despite Passage of School Vouchers, the Fight for Public Education is NOT Over”

  1. Penelope Jacks says:

    No more tax cuts!No more subsidies for the rich.

  2. Harriet Sandberg says:

    No more tax cuts! Full fund our public schools. Our teachers need and deserve a professional living wage.
    They should not have to work two jobs to support their families and pay their bills.

  3. Wendy Resnik says:

    We are sick of Arizona coming in last on education.

  4. Dana Neuhausen says:

    Please stop the dismantling of public schools! Our children and teachers need support!! Stop directing our already dismal funding to those who don’t need further financial assistance!

  5. Amy Hammond says:

    Fully fund public education! It is absolutely discussing that we rank lowest in per student spending in the country. Ducey spoke about how he wants to be the education governor. Then prove it! Give teachers a 4% raise and give money back to public schools. Education of arizonas students is our future. No more money to vouchers.

  6. Alicia Klassen says:

    My high performing school has a teacher shortage, something I never envisioned. Our retired teachers are filling in, but that isn’t a permanent solution. We simply cannot let politicians dismantle public education because it is too important to society.

  7. Doreen Zannis says:

    Public district schools are an optimal choice worthy of equitable, stable and sufficient

  8. Judy Flanagan says:

    We all benefit from strong public schools. Taking resources away from our already woefully funded education system is just wrong.

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