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Fostering Advocates Arizona Unveils 2016 Priorities

As young adults who have experienced foster care first hand, it troubles us deeply to see the increasing number of kids coming into and aging out of foster care in Arizona each year. Having lived through the obstacles that brought us into care, managing life while in care, and surviving life after care, we understand the hurdles and struggles current and former foster youth face each day and it is the driving force behind our advocacy efforts.FAAZ kids photo

Over the last several months, my peers and I on the Fostering Advocates Arizona Young Adult Leadership Board have worked together to identify five key priority areas along with recommendations to improve foster care in Arizona. We are excited to announce the publication of our 2016 Advocacy Document. We urge you to read it and join us in taking action to make these changes. We are facing a child welfare crisis in Arizona and thousands of young lives are in need of immediate action. As first-hand experts on foster care, we are demanding a seat at the leadership table to provide meaningful ideas and solutions so ALL youth in Arizona can truly thrive.

Desaray Klimenko,
Fostering Advocates Arizona
Young Adult Leadership Board Chair

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  1. coming to az to open homes for aged-out foster kids
    i was one when we were considered “second-class citizens”
    ex-welfare child of l.a county,calif for first 21 years of my life
    daughter message cell 4242053698
    aunt nettie “dont forget where you came from”
    la joyce stewart
    la mal & friends,inc
    mission: helping people to help themseleves

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