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FY 15 Budget – How It Adds Up for Kids

accounting machineAlthough Governor Brewer signed off on most of the $9.2 billion budget approved by the Legislature last week, she used her line-item veto authority to free up $4 million in state money for the new Child Safety and Family Services (CSFS) agency. 

To learn more about how the new budget affects Arizona’s children and families, see our latest budget chart.

Governor Brewer vetoed all the funding for the legislature’s ombudsman-citizens aide office, including $200,000 in new funding intended to add two additional staff to that office to handle questions and complaints about CPS cases. Her veto message stated that “it is premature to appropriate additional [CPS] resources when the case load impact has not yet been determined and overall resources for the new agency are still being analyzed.”

In signing the budget, Governor Brewer was very clear that more remains to be done on child safety.   She stated that the success of the new agency will “….not only require a strong administrative and operational structure, but also sufficient resources.”  CAA expects the Governor to call the legislature into a special session this May or June to pass legislation creating the new child safety agency and to address the budget issues.

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