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Good News for Kids

We’re happy to report that there are some good bills for kids under consideration at the legislature.

The following three bills have been introduced and one of them has already been passed by its assigned committee.

image2 (2) with caption 250 pxHB 2022 – Tuition Waivers for Youth from Foster Care
Frank Smith and Rep. Brophy McGee testified in support of HBThe bill, sponsored by Rep. Kate Brophy-McGee, we’re happy to report, was passed by the House Government and Higher Education Committee yesterday and should be on its way to the House Floor for debate and a vote.

It would allow eligible foster youth to receive a waiver up to age 23. Under current law, a student who transfers from a community college to a state university at age 21 may not qualify for the waiver.

SB 1399 – TANF Benefits for Dependent Children
SB1399 seeks to eliminate the “kid cap”. The “kid cap” happens when children who are born after the mom is already participating in TANF do not qualify for this benefit, because they are being raised by grandparents and other relatives who are not licensed as foster parents. Eliminating the “kid cap” would give the caregivers of these children the financial support they deserve.

The bill, sponsored by Senator Dave Bradley, is assigned to the Senate Appropriations Committee and needs the committee chair, Senator Don Shooter, to place the bill on a committee agenda.

SB 1402 – Safe Haven Providers and Hospitals
The current Safe Haven law offers a life-saving alternative to leaving newborn babies in dumpsters or on a doorstep, but it is not clear what happens when moms deliver their baby in a hospital and wish to utilize the Safe Haven Law. Today, this would trigger a child abandonment investigation by the Department of Child Safety (DCS). The bill seeks to skip the investigation since the baby is safe.

The bill is sponsored by Senator Nancy Barto and is awaiting a hearing in the Senate Health and Human Services Committee that she chairs.
Stay tuned for your chance to help move these bills through the legislative process so they can help some of our most vulnerable children.

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