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Good News: Room for More Kids in KidsCare

Posted May 9, 2013 to Blog, enews, Health | * Comments (2)

On April 24, Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton and local hospital leaders announced a new arrangement to expand children’s health insurance through KidsCare, funded by hospitals with federal matching funds. KidsCare was frozen to new enrollment three years ago, but last year was temporarily re-opened to a limited number of children. The recent announcement by the City of Phoenix, which will help children statewide, assures that there is ample funding for uninsured children to enroll in KidsCare throughout 2013. AHCCCS, which administers KidsCare, also announced that the income limit would be raised, meaning families can now make up to two times the federal poverty level, or about $47,000 a year for a family of four, and still be covered in KidsCare.

Facebook Button 2013 (2)While this funding for KidsCare is temporary, Kids Health Link in Maricopa County and Nuestra Salud (Our Health) in Southern Arizona are ready to help families apply for KidsCare now and transition into the new health insurance marketplaces that are being created under the Affordable Care Act in 2014. Families can ask questions and get assistance statewide with KidsCare by calling 800-377-3536. You can also help us spread the word about expanded KidsCare coverage with this flyer.

Parents also will gain coverage under the new arrangement. Previously, parents lost their AHCCCS coverage when their children turned 18 or went into foster care as they were considered childless adults. Now parents enrolled in AHCCCS can continue their coverage even if they no longer have children under 18 in their home.With so many changes in health care, CAA has updated our health manual, Health Care Resources for Arizona’s Low Income and Uninsured Families.

2 Responses to “Good News: Room for More Kids in KidsCare”

  1. Nancy Rivera says:

    I work with the Division of Developmental Disabilities and i would like to provide information in regards KidsCare opening again, but i couldn’t find a flyer in Spanish to be provided to my spanish-speakers families.
    Do you have it available if so could you email it. i have a couple families that would be greatly beneficiated from it.
    Nancy Rivera
    DES/DDD/Support Coordinator

  2. CAA says:

    Hi Nancy,
    That’s a good questions Nancy. We have it in Spanish now and if you click on the link above you should get a pdf with both the English and Spanish versions. If you would still like me to email you the Spanish only version, let me know.
    Joshua Oehler

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