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Gov. Ducey’s K-12 Education Funding Plan Fails to Restore $952M in K-12 Cuts

Governor Ducey announced an outline of his budget proposals for K-12 public schools yesterday. He enthusiastically described the value of reversing $100 million in cuts to classroom funding that he made just three years ago. He also wants to add $10 million in this year’s budget and $18 million in next year’s budget for school building maintenance and repair. He says he wants to restore another $271 million in cuts to classroom funding over five years, paid for by the state’s general fund. These are very small steps to reinvest in our public schools that will leave Arizona with a continuing critical teacher shortage, outdated textbooks and technology, dysfunctional school facilities and a harmful lack of student support.

What’s most notable about this plan is what is missing.

  • Missing is $950 million in classroom funding next year compared to what Arizona students had ten years ago.
  • Missing is sustainable funding schools can count on for restoring the cuts and paying teachers more.
  • Missing is any proposal from the Governor about replacing the $600 million that will disappear when Proposition 301 expires two years before the end of his plan.
  • Missing is any path to restore the other $700 million in cuts or to fuel any movement toward our Progress Meter goals on quality preschool, early literacy, 8th grade math, high school graduation, or attainment after high school.

Restoring some classroom cuts and some funding for school buildings is a small start – click here to see how small. But Arizonans expect bigger and better steps for reinvestments in our public schools during this legislative session.

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