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Grandparent Stipend Starts Next Month

iStock_000002695602XSmallStarting in February, many families will benefit from the hard work and collaboration of the Arizona Grandparent Ambassadors, Children’s Action Alliance, and many of you. The state will begin offering a $75 monthly stipend per child to grandparents and great grandparents who are raising their grandkids through a placement through Child Protective Services.

To qualify, a grandparent or great-grandparent must have an income below 200% of the federal poverty level. In addition, they must not be receiving foster care payments or TANF cash assistance for the grandchildren in their care. Grandparents who might qualify will be contacted by their CPS caseworker and only have to sign a confirmation to apply.

Thanks to all of you for making your voices heard on behalf of Arizona’s grandfamilies! This stipend is a first step and we’ll be calling on you to help us reach more grandfamilies in the years to come.

One Response to “Grandparent Stipend Starts Next Month”

  1. Elke Schmitt says:

    I was just redirected from one of the foster parent specialists, to check out the grandparent stipend, as I don’t qualify to be the foster parent to my 3 grandchildren, due to the fact that my husband resides in California, he had a job transfer last year, July. And now the kids are in DCS custody since April, due to the fact our daughter left in October 2015 and did not return from overseas. But now I see on this website that you have to be 200% below federal poverty level to qualify. We are supporting 2 households, 1 disabled son, and 3 grandchildren that noone seems to want to take responsibility for, that is all on us. But everyone wants to have a say so. I am severely disappointed. Oh and it was suggested if I would get divorced or legally seperated I could be the foster parent, then they probably come up with another thing why I don’t qualify. What a wonderful system this is.It is no wonder nobody wants to get involved.

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