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Grandparents Stipend Update, New Child Care Analysis

Quick update on the Grandparents Stipend

We just wanted to let you know that SB 1346 passed the Senate Appropriations Committee unanimously yesterday! SB 1346 would provide $1.5 million in funding and change the rules so that more grandparents would receive a $75 monthly stipend to help support the grandchildren they are raising. Grandparents would qualify for the stipend if they don’t receive any other financial assistance, their grandchildren were placed with them by court order (CPS or guardians), and their income is below 200% of the federal poverty level.

This legislation has now passed it’s first two hurdles – it’s next stop is the Senate Rules Committee and then onto a vote by the full Senate. Stay tuned!

Child Care for Safe and Thriving Children and Families: A Win-Win Strategy

cropped Education photo final circle croppedThousands of working Arizona families need access to quality child care so their kids have safe places to learn and play. When parents don’t have that available, they often turn to inconsistent or inadequate care, or even leave their children at home alone. One of the ways we can strengthen families and prevent child neglect is to make sure children have a safe place to go to when their parents go to work.

Children’s Action Alliance is a member of BUILD Arizona, a coalition of children’s champions who are working together to enhance opportunities for all young children in Arizona. These champions include business leaders, public sector representatives, educators, health practitioners and others. We are working with state lawmakers on options to expand access to child care for the most vulnerable children. Our new fact sheet, Child Care for Safe and Thriving Children and Families: A Win-Win Strategy, highlights the need to fill gaps in available child care.

Quality child care keeps children out of harm’s way, meets a critical family need, reduces extreme stress for parents, promotes healthy development of children, and teaches moms and dads effective parenting strategies. Due to state budget cuts, the number of children in low-income working families participating in child care has dropped from more than 29,000 in 2009 to fewer than 7,500 in 2013. We know Arizona can do better in giving children this first step toward their educational success.

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