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Introducing: Fostering Advocates Arizona!

The name has changed, but the goals remain the same. Welcome Fostering Advocates Arizona (formerly the Arizona Youth Opportunities Initiative).

340x100px_FaAZLogoThe Initiative’s Young Adult Leadership Board has been hard at work leading this name change that shares the importance of having the voices of young adults who have experienced foster care at the center of our advocacy work. The voices of Fostering Advocates Arizona can influence state practice and policy decisions to connect more young people in and from foster care with the critical education, employment, and health resources they need to be responsible adults and leaders in our community.

Fostering Advocates Arizona is also excited to announce the launch of the Opportunity Passport™ in Maricopa County. The program helps young adults transitioning from foster care to become financially capable by providing interactive classes on asset building, credit, and money management. Participants receive assistance in opening a savings or checking account in their name, in addition to financial coaching, and the opportunity to having their savings matched to purchase approved assets that will help them transition successfully to adulthood — like a car or books for college.

For more information on how your organization can host an Opportunity Passport Training or for participant eligibility, click here.

As the Fostering Advocates Arizona work moves forward, stay tuned for the launch of our new transitioning youth resource website in the New Year!

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