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It was another power week for Arizona grandfamilies!

Your emails, calls, and testimony are having a fantastic effect. Your voices have been heard.

On Tuesday this week, the Senate Appropriations Committee unanimously passed SB 1090, a bill that will provide a $75 monthly stipend for children placed by CPS with needy grandparents or great grandparents. Members of the Arizona Grandparent Ambassadors were there to support and testify and they did a fabulous job moving the bill forward.

Click here to send the members of this committee an email and thank them for recognizing the huge contribution grandparents make to the well-being of their grandchildren and how they save the state money by keeping their grandchildren out of foster care.

There are several more hurdles to passage of this legislation, but two big hurdles have been jumped! We will keep you posted on the next steps, and let you know what action is required.

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