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Latest and Greatest News on the Budget

You may have heard that Governor Brewer called the legislature into special session yesterday at 5:00 p.m. to vote on the state budget and Medicaid restoration. The special session forces the legislature to take action on these issues rather than waiting longer. The Governor is working with a group of Republican legislators and Democratic legislators and they are now beginning debate on the budget and Medicaid bills. We expect them to work past midnight with a final vote some time tomorrow morning.

The legislative process is never very predictable, but all signs point to approval of a budget that includes the funding needed for additional Child Protective Services staff, support services for families, foster care and adoption needs, and child care assistance. The budget also includes $1 million for stipends for qualified grandparents who are raising their grandkids.

The bills we have been working on to strengthen Child Protective Services and behavioral health care for children in foster care are also moving through the process.

While the Republicans in the House and Senate are divided, the bipartisan coalitions are going strong with determination to achieve clear policy goals. Thanks to all of you champions for children out there for your concern and attention to these issues during the past months and for reaching out to lawmakers to let them know that kids and families should be a top priority. Our voices were heard!

We’ll be in touch soon with a legislative wrap-up and celebration.

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