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Legislative Happenings

GOOD NEWS: Legislation that will help foster parents and children has passed the Legislature and will be sent to Governor Brewer for her signature!

HB 2074 will allow a two year foster home license rather than one year in order to reduce administrative burdens on foster parents and licensing agencies. HB 2074 was amended to allow a foster family to accept more children than approved in the foster home license if a child has siblings currently residing in that foster home, is part of a sibling group being considered for placement in the home, has previously resided in the foster home, or is a kinship placement for the foster home.

MOVING FORWARD: Legislation that would provide $75 a month to many grandparents who are raising their grandchildren, was heard, amended and passed in House COW on Monday.

The amendments in the House and Senate complicate the issue and limit the number of families who can participate. But the bill will still help more children be safe, healthy, and ready to learn and thrive in communities throughout our state. We’re asking all Representatives to vote YES when the bill comes to 3rd Read. After it passes, it will either go to a Conference Committee or back to the Senate for a full vote on the amended version.

CAN’T BE CERTAIN THEY’RE DEFEATED, BUT WE’RE HOPEFUL: Two TABOR bills – HB 2285 and HCR 2021 – have been quiet for some time, but we know better than to assume their dead. They may pop up later in the session, so we’ll keep a look out and let you know if we need your help defeating them.

STUCK IN THE MUD: Legislative activity has…s-l-o-w-e-d way down because no agreement has been reached about Medicaid restoration. For now, budget negotiations remain behind closed doors and the legislature will only be working three days a week until things become un-stuck.

AS ALWAYS: Check our 2013 Legislative page, our facebook page and your inbox for the latest legislative developments and opportunities to take action.

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