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Legislature Fast Tracks Some CPS Funding

Both the House and the Senate Appropriations Committees passed an emergency appropriation to add 50 Child Protective Services caseworkers, supervisors and support staff in the current fiscal year. The bills (SB 1249 and HB 2502) are on a fast track, and it is likely the Governor will sign the emergency funding into law by the end of the week.

The legislation also requires the Department of Economic Security to report monthly on several accountability measures including the number of new and closed cases, worker caseloads, and detailed information regarding expenditures. The bills do not include the $10.4 million for Children Support Services which the Governor proposed, but discussion will continue about funding for these services.

CAA is encouraged by the leadership of Governor Brewer and the House and Senate on this emergency funding bill, and the bipartisan efforts to move this appropriation forward so quickly. This is a positive first step to making sure our children are safe. Beth Rosenberg, CAA Director of Child Welfare and Juvenile Justice Policy, and I presented yesterday to the House Democratic Caucus on other steps lawmakers can take to improve care for abused and neglected children. CAA will continue to be a voice throughout this legislative session.

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