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Let’s Roll Up Our Sleeves and Work on Solutions for Long Term Funding for Arizona Schools

Copy of AZ Schools Now! for round stickers (3)Now that voters have adopted Proposition 123, inflationary funding for Arizona K-12 education is settled for the next decade. Teachers and students will see the benefits from restoration of this funding for teachers raises and classroom supplies.

Children’s Action Alliance is proud to be one of leaders of AZ Schools Now, working to focus Arizona on the remaining gaps in school funding and on the most effective strategies to strengthen student success.  AZ Schools Now is a group of dedicated volunteers, teachers, parents, education leaders and advocates promoting the next steps toward these goals with a focus on results.

Even after Prop 123, Arizona schools are still missing $1.2 billion annually slashed from their budgets since the recession. Arizona voters are united in their strong support for reinvestments in public schools to boost student achievement, develop an extraordinary workforce, and build a strong economy for our future.  An election eve poll shows two-thirds of NO voters on Prop 123 agree that public schools need more funding. Working with partners around the state, AZ Schools Now will ask candidates for the state legislature about their commitments for increased short term and long term funding for education. We will work with Governor Ducey and elected and community leaders to develop a sustainable revenue plan for education funding.  And we ask state lawmakers to focus on three specific goals for next year and beyond:

  1. Sustain a workforce of qualified teachers with competitive salaries and quality professional development.
  2. Provide critical tools for classrooms with supplies and updated textbooks and technology by restoring the school additional assistance funding for districts and charters.
  3. Fix crumbling school buildings to give students safe, clean, and functional places to learn by fully funding repair and maintenance.

Stay tuned for updates throughout the coming months and ways you can get involved with AZ Schools Now.


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  1. Cory Underhill says:

    I would love to receive updates about the work of Arizona Schools Now! I am the Communications Chair for Peoria United Parent Council, and we would greatly appreciate updates we can share with our district.

    Thank you.

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