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Low-Income Kids Most Vulnerable to Federal Spending Cuts

A new analysis concludes that cuts in federal spending, like those proposed in the Ryan Budget, would hit children in low-income families the hardest.

How Targeted Are Federal Expenditures on Children? A Kids’ Share Analysis of Expenditures by Income in 2009” was produced by the Urban Institute and the Brookings Institution. The publication analyzed nearly 100 programs and tax provisions in nine broad categories: health, refundable tax credits, tax reductions, education, income security, nutrition, social services, housing, and training.

Their research shows that state and local governments allocated resources to better-off children at about the same level as low-income children, largely due to spending on public education. The federal government however, targets more resources to disadvantaged children by investing in programs like Medicaid, food stamps and Head Start. Without the federal investment in these programs, many children in low-income families would be denied opportunities to succeed and fall further behind their peers.

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