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“Moms” Petition Urges Sen. McCain and Flake to Keep Affordable Health Coverage Options for Families

Posted May 12, 2017 to Blog, Health, Health, News Releases | Comments (0)

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(Phoenix, AZ) – What is it that moms really want for Mother’s Day?

Is it a human sized, automatic, remote-controlled vacuum cleaner? An automatic wine dispenser or self-cleaning house?

She likely wants all those things, but as health care legislation continues to be debated in Washington, D.C., could it be that moms also really want affordable health coverage for families?

A petition directed at Senators John McCain and Jeff Flake has been signed by hundreds of Arizona mothers, telling their elected officials in Congress that families deserve coverage that is affordable, high-quality and protects kids who are living with pre-existing conditions.

The petition drive – spearheaded last week by Protect AZ Healthcare, a grassroots coalition of parents, organizations and other groups – continues to gather signatures from Arizona moms who want changes to the American Health Care Act (AHCA), a poorly constructed “repeal and replace” piece of legislation that narrowly passed in the House of Representatives in early May. In its current form, the AHCA does not adequately protect vulnerable populations, such as children and the elderly, who may be living with chronic conditions, and it would force states to ration Medicaid and other health care programs for low-income families. The Senate, however, has an opportunity to make dramatic changes to the bill before it sends the measure for a full vote.

Arizona mom Corinne Bobbie said she is urging Senators McCain and Flake to support a better health care bill, since her daughter, Sophia, has a chronic cardiac condition that requires frequent medical care. Bobbie is concerned that protections for kids like Sophia be kept in place to ensure she doesn’t exceed a “lifetime limit” (eliminated for children during the phase-in of the Affordable Care Act). “Caring for a sick child – who may need an emergency visit to the hospital at any time – is stressful enough for parents,” said Bobbie. “Not having to worry about whether insurance is going to cover it because the treatment or procedure might cost too much helps ease those concerns, and we can concentrate on taking care of our families.”


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