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New Arizona Data

Posted September 22, 2014 to Blog, enews, Home Page Most Recent, KIDS COUNT | Comments (0)

New data released last week from the Census Bureau shows that more than one in every four children in Arizona – more than 400,000 children – live in poverty. The number of poor children in the state is higher than the population of Scottsdale and Tempe combined. This is the 10th highest child poverty rate in the country.
        children living in poverty 2013 data                           round scottsdale and tempe                The “good” news is that the percent of children living in poverty in our state remains largely unchanged from last year. (Although the percentage of poor children in Apache county climbed from an already high 41% to 51%, the highest rate of any county in the state.)

The Census Bureau also released the latest data on the percentage of people who had health insurance coverage sometime in 2013 and the news is mixed for Arizona’s children. While Arizona’s rate of uninsured children dropped for the first time in several years to 12%, Arizona still has the nation’s third highest percentage of children without health insurance.

Click here for tables on the most recent health insurance coverage and poverty rates for children throughout Arizona’s counties and cities.

Both poverty and the lack of health insurance pose serious risks to childhood development and have lasting consequences well into adulthood. This election season as you consider your vote, ask what candidates would do to expand children’s health coverage and reduce childhood poverty.

You can see where the candidates in your legislative district stand on these issues by viewing our legislative district candidate questionnaire page here.

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