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Annie E Casey’s KIDS COUNT recently published a policy brief on a topic rarely discussed, but often experienced: Disengaged Youth — that is, youth who are neither in school nor employed. It’s an important problem, because a large body of evidence shows that such youth are more likely to face long term unemployment than their peers.

The percentage of youth in Arizona who are not enrolled in school and not employed is similar to the U.S. average and for that reason we have some optimism.

The report, Youth and Work: Restoring Teen and Young Adult Connections to Opportunity, lays out a few ways to help youth and young adults who end up disengaged.

  • A national youth employment strategy that streamlines systems and makes financial aid, funding and other support services more accessible and flexible; encourages more businesses to hire young people; and focuses on results, not process.
  • Aligning resources within communities and among public and private funders to create collaborative efforts to support youth.
  • Exploring new ways to create jobs through social enterprises such as Goodwill and microenterprises, with the support of public and private investors.
  • Employer-sponsored earn-and-learn programs that foster the talent and skills that businesses require — and develop the types of employees they need.

Click here to read the entire report.

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