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Our Public Policy Priorities for 2017

canstockphoto14049380 (1)Children’s Action Alliance invites you to join us as we stand up for policies and practices that create a brighter future for our children and a vibrant economy for Arizona. Each year, the Governor and state legislature must enact a balanced budget that meets voter priorities for health, education, and security. Many factors go into what influences our state budget, as well as actions lawmakers take during the session, however, it is important for lawmakers to keep these priorities intact:

  • Sustain investments in the safety net and health and education that prevent crisis and save on long-term costs and liabilities.
  • Support a fair, sufficient and sustainable tax base that promotes educational success.

We have compiled our annual list of policy priorities for the 2017 session, which is available here. Please feel free to share it and check back with us as we monitor progress on legislative activity.

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