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Permanent Guardianship in Arizona Needs Updated Policies and Support

After nearly two decades of experience with permanent guardianship in Arizona, the time has come to update laws and practices to safeguard children and improve their stability and security.

Abused and neglected children can be connected to lifelong families through an option known as “permanent guardianship,” which allows kids to leave foster care and live with people they already know and trust, preventing them from bouncing from one foster placement to another. This enables them to keep safe connections to their birth families and cultures.

Despite its many benefits, the supports for permanent guardianship have eroded over the years, including disconnected access to AHCCCS health coverage and dramatically lower guardianship support payments than what is available for children in adoption or standard foster care cases. Additionally, there is a need for clearer policies, practices and easier processes for permanent guardianship so that the courts, caseworkers, and families can all make better decisions for children.

Our new policy brief, Guardianship Can Be a Positive Life Changer for Children, outlines the policies that need to be updated. Read our brief here.

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